How to get rats out of the attic

Rhode Island rats are not welcome in any part of your house due to the destructions they cause. They not only destroy property but also can be agents for carrying infections which can be hazardous to you and the family members. Everyone makes an attempt to eliminate the rats immediately they are seen with the house. Most rats will hide in the attic area of the house and they cause various problems like scratching the attic, the walls and evening biting off electric and water pipes. This will definitely force people to trap them out of their houses.

It can be perplexing of the thought on how to eliminate the Providence rats out of the attic area of your house especially if you have no clue on hoe to go about it. The disturbance and the loss they cause definitely gives you the determination to get rid of them however complicated it might look. However never worry on what you going to do to get rid of the rats. Below are some tips that can guide you o how to get rats out of the attic.

The first critical step to take is to ensure you perform a thorough inspection of your whole house to find any openings, holes and any gaps that could necessitate rat entry in to the attic. The most common entry points can be vents, rooflines, gaps and holes that the Providence rats penetrate and get access to the attic. When all these entry points are identified ensure they are all properly sealed out.

Secondly, ensure all these entry points identified are all sealed out completely. Most people seal these entry points by use of steel which sometimes is bolted in place to avoid the rats from gnawing. It good to use a sealant so that all the air is completely blocked because the rats sometimes smell off any air coming from the slightest gap left. This idea also discourages the rats from trying to get back inside the attic.

Once all the above procedures have been done, it is now proper to trap and remove the rats from the attic. Different types of traps can be used for this purpose but normally the snap traps are regarded as the best for trapping the rats out of the attic area. The idea is to keep trapping the rats and removing them away from your building until no more scratch sounds can be heard from the attic walls. Lack of sound from the attic area is a great indication that the there are no rats left in the attic.

Prevention has always been seen to be an effective measure in pest control. Always keep your house as clean and organised as possible by storing your food in airtight containers so that the rats don’t smell it. Have your outdoor trash containers sealed as well so that smell doesn’t attract the rodents which can gain access to the attic. Finally you can have an attic restoration through cleaning and decontaminating it to its original state. You can always contact the pest control department near you for this service.

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